Theodor Kouro

Hi! I am a PhD candidate and a Junior Researcher at CERGE-EI in Prague (a joint work place of Charles University and the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences). I joined John List's team as a visiting scholar at the Kenneth Griffin Economics Department, University of Chicago during Fall, 2023.

My research spans behavioral and experimental economics. In particular, I explore the role of autonomous (intrinsic) motivation on prosocial behavior in charitable giving and volunteering, emphasizing the behavioral mechanisms driving agents to be more prosocial. I conduct large-scale natural field experiments in relevant settings and collaborate with large NGOs and government institutions. I am also interested in adjusting unrealistic aspirations in the education sphere and misperceived social norms about the gendered division of household production.

I will be on the 2024-2025 Academic Job Market!

My PhD committee members are Ole Jann (chair), Michal Bauer, Andreas Menzel, Štěpán Jurajda, and Jan Zapal

E-mail address:

LinkedIn: Theodor Kouro

Postal address: Politických vězňů 7 111 21 Prague 1 Czech Republic