Theodor Kouro

Hi! I am a PhD candidate and a Junior Researcher at CERGE-EI in Prague (a joint work place of Charles University and the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences). I joined John List's team as a visiting scholar at the Kenneth Griffin Economics Department, University of Chicago during Fall, 2023.

My research spans behavioral and experimental economics. In particular, I explore the role of autonomous (intrinsic) motivation on prosocial behavior in charitable giving and volunteering, emphasizing the behavioral mechanisms driving agents to be more prosocial. I conduct large-scale natural field experiments in relevant settings and collaborate with large NGOs and government institutions. I am also interested in adjusting unrealistic aspirations in the education sphere and misperceived social norms about the gendered division of household production.

My PhD committee members are Ole Jann (chair), Michal Bauer, Andreas Menzel, Štěpán Jurajda, and Jan Zapal

E-mail address:

LinkedIn: Theodor Kouro

Postal address: Politických vězňů 7 111 21 Prague 1 Czech Republic